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KINGZOMY Dual Camera Drone Foldable Camera Drone Remote Control 4K Camera Drone I Pack of 1 Set I Black


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Product Description

Dual Camera 4K Drone with Remote control and LED Front Lighting

Drone With Dual Camera
Drone With Dual Camera

Dual Camera 4K Drone with Remote control and LED Front Lighting

The product has unique feature of having dual camera – Side and bottom. Dual Camera helps to capture two different images at the same time wit facility of camera switching.

The product has with 28 unique features and needs to be operated with care.

It might take some days to understand and master the usage of features. But once you learn it properly. You will enjoy the flight of your Drone.

Altitude Hold with 4K LENS
Altitude Hold with 4K LENS

Altitude Hold with 4K LENS
Altitude Hold with 4K LENS

Dual light for good quality Video and Picture along with FOUR Large LED Lights for Night Vision

The drone has two lights alongside of Rear camera for good quality video and picture. The lights gives your drone feeling of actual Aeroplane take off and landing.

Along with that Your Drone has Four large size LED lights. LED Lights gives classy night looks to your Drone. Your drone will shine during night or darkness.

Wide Angle lens for panorama pictures
Front and Bottom camera for dual views
Front LED Lights
Shining of the Drone during night for darkness

Altitude Hold with 4K LENS

The drone has feature to hold altitude. It allows the drone to stay at the same height without falling down. 4K LENS with wide angle allows to capture even panorama picture with large no of people at party or gathering function.

4K Camera LENS
Altitude Hold
No falling Down
Best for Video and Selfie
Click your photo at party, outing and gathering function

Dual features
Dual features

Dual characteristics

FIXED Height : It holds at height for Arial photography and videography

GPS Follow : If you keep it on GPS Follow mode, your drone follows you automatically

GPS Location
GPS Location

GPS Location and Auto Lock Person

GPS LOCATION : It navigates and pick up the GPS coordinates

AUTO-LOCK PERSON : It locks the person for photography and enhance the quality of picture

Drone Features

Drone Features

Remote Control Features

Remote Control Features

Drone Camera Features

Drone Camera Features

Drone Features

Your drone has 10 features to play with it

1. Foldable Design : Your drone can fold itself and all four wings can be set in small part. Foldable design makes it easy to carry at party, function, outing, movie and other places easily.

2. App Manipulation : Operate drone with Smart Phone App also. App is available for Android and iOs platform.

3. Auto Follow Me : Keep your drone on Follow mode and it will follow where ever you go.

4. Control Video : It controls video

5. GPS Positioning : Set GPS position and drone will fly there.

6. Headless Mode : It can fly without direction limitation

7. Dedicated Battery Slot

8. Roll 360 degree flip : Rotate your drone for 360 degree. 9. Dual Front Light : It’s two front light helps in making good quality photography and videography. 10. Silver Bolts : Silver bolts for classy look and long life.

Remote Control Features

Your remote control has 9 features

1. Photo/Video Switch : You can operate photography and videography by pressing one switch. Easy, quick and tension free operating.

2. Optical Flow : It works on the technology of Optical flow (Same as optical fiber) for quick connection between remote and drone.

3. Flexible Mobile holder : It can hold mobile horizontally. Smart phone any screen size (Upto 6.5 inches) can be handled in mobile holder slot.

4. 6 Axis Gyro : One key for and direction move through 6 Axis Gyro

5. Power Indicator : Upon inserting battery in remote control, a power indicator shows on/off position.

6. One Key return : Press one key return function and your drone is back to you in case of any emergency.

7. On/Off switch : Allows to on/off the remote control.

8. 360 flip key : One key for 360 flip flop.

9. Speed Control : Allows to control speed of drone by single switch.

Drone Camera Features

Similar to seven wonders of the world, the Drone camera has seven features:

1. Dual Camera : It is the most unique feature. It has two cameras, Front camera and bottom camera to capture objects from two different sides.

2. Wide Angel LENS : Its 120 degree wide angel lens allows to capture width of the object without loosing it. It is perfectly suitable for selfie with more no of friends and relatives.

3. Hand Gesture Selfies : It allows V Hand gesture selfie.

4. Camera Switching : Your remote/app can switch camera from Front to Bottom and other way easily to have look of both the sides clearly.

5. Video Clip : It allows clear good quality video clips along with Photography and selfie.

6. 360 degree Panoramic shooting : Wide angle allow panoramic shooting without any trouble.

7. 4K Camera : Speed, Quality and Clarity are the features of 4K Camera LENS attached with this product.

Drone Features : App manipulation, Auto follow up, Control Video, GPS Positioning,, Headless mode, Dedicated battery slot, Roll 360 flips, Dual front lights, Silver bolts, foldable design (Drone Battery included and fit inside drone)
Remote control features : Video/Photo mode, On/off switch, Speed control, Optical flow, Mobile holder (Remote control batteries are not included)
Camera features : Dual camera, Wide angel lens, Video flip, Camera switching, 4K Camera, 360 Panoramic shooting, Hand gesture selfie
It is profession Product with multiple features. BEST GIFT for friends (Gift Wrap Available, if you demand it). It is not for beginners.

Price: ₹13,999.00 - ₹9,499.00
(as of Mar 05,2024 10:49:21 UTC – Details)

KINGZOMY Dual Camera Drone Foldable Camera Drone Remote Control 4K Camera Drone I Pack of 1 Set I Black


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